When in Rome, eat ‘real’ Carbonara 

Calling all pasta lovers — unless you usually at the Olive Garden…
When in Rome, do as the locals do.

Eat the REAL Carbonara!!! With raw egg.

The real thing, yes, with raw egg — ideally from a happy chicken which leads to this beautiful deep yellow-orange color from the yolk — and guanciale (the ultimate form of bacon bits in Italy) and lots of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Spaghetti Carbonara topped with Guanciale aka Bacon
When in Rome, do as the locals do.Eat the REAL Carbonara!!! With raw egg. The real thing, yes, with raw egg — ideally from a happy chicken.

Let me know if you had a chance to try the real Carbonara, not its Americanized strange cousin with heavy cream. I am convinced, you will never eat pasta Alfredo ever again in your life (and if you are a regular at Olive Garden, then please do not follow this blog). 

Buon Appetito! Indulge! 

Note that Parmigiano it is usually not sprinkled on top of a Carbonara, but already added by the chef to achieve the perfect balance that makes for the deliciousness of this traditional local dish.

One of my favorites for foodies or the more adventurous visitors alike is (as of recently, sadly was) Osteria 140 near Indigo Hotel St. Georgeanother TraveliciousLife sight-sleeping favorite — where we indulged on the dish pictured below in 2016, and many times thereafter.

As hinted above, Osteria140 closed in 2019.

I was heartbroken when I walked by the restaurant in February of 2020, the last time I was in Rome, and seeing it abandoned. But, and that is the silver lining, you can follow owner and ‘Osterico per Passione” Daniele Dallas on Instagram and learn more about his new ventures. I know, our paths will cross, because his osteria was just THAT TRAVELICIOUS and I felt like having met a kindred spirit.

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Osteria Di Monteverde is my new favorite in Rome

Conclusion: As the saying goes if one door closes…, I won’t leave you without a recommendation as to where to go in Rome for delicious authentic food: Osteria di Monteverde is my new favorite. Check out their Instagram account, too and follow chef Gian Marco here.

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