Mirror Mirror on the wall – Roman Castle-Selfie 2016

Mirror Mirror on the wall – Roman Castle-Selfie 2016

I don’t usually like taking pictures of myself — as they hardly ever turn out great –, but how could I not take this shot at Castello della Castelluccia in Rome?  

This castle hotel is part of our Sight-sleeping Collection at iNSIDE EUROPE and one of my google map finds. Whenever I travel, I look for new-to-me places, especially restaurants, but also hotels for my day job as a tour operator, and this is how I discovered this hidden gem.

You may get lost a few times

Back to the dreaded selfie. I titled this Roman castle mirror snapshot “Mirror, Mirror on the wall – guide me to the castle restaurant hall”… — and considering La Castelluccia is quite a historic castle dating back to the year 1300, be prepared to need a map in order to find your way here. If you have a great sense of direction, good for you! Depending on the location of your room within Castello della Castelluccia, you might get lost a few times.

However, it is very much worth the effort finding the restaurant as its mostly traditional Roman cuisine and eloborate breakfast spread surely qualify for a highly travelicious place!

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