Hello there, welcome to TraveliciousLife.com — or should I say Guten Appetit + Prost?

That’s Bon Appetit and Cheers in German, my native language. In addition to English, I also speak French, Italian and understand Spanish pretty well. I always had a thing for languages, as in order to experience local specialties you have to know how to order them.

I travel for work and I live to travel — solo, with family and friends, with clients, ideally in a convertible and with no speed limit!

My mission in life is to be a traveler and not just another tourist by taking the roads less traveled and supporting the local community.

I love to eat and also cook a lot at home. According to my dad, I took pictures of food as a child already and haven’t stopped since.

Who am I?

Once a journalist by trade, then a tour guide organizer first accidentally and now with all my heart, I am blessed to be member of the happy industry and get to explore the wonderful, amazing, crazy and ever-changing world we live in.

I love my family, four-legged hairy domestic creatures, especially our rescue dog and the two cats who think they are dogs, too as they join us on walks and occasionally can be found on the hood of a car, too.

TraveliciousLife expresses mostly my personal finds from the present, past and future with a heavy emphasis on eating great food as I journey across Europe, the U.S. and occasionally even further.

While I always look for a deal, and get to enjoy some perks of being in the travel industry, I rarely get freebies or am being fully hosted for the experiences that qualify as #travelicious which keeps me impartial and grounded when it comes to value for money. While I try to look for the good and great things in life, if I have a negative experience somewhere, I may use this blog alongside my Google Maps account to share what it is like and provide constructive criticism.

Enjoy the ride,

Where have I been?

Here is map from my friends at Matador Network – although not all of the magical places are listed, such as the tiny Caribbean island of Saba. My bucket list seems to grow longer and longer, too. Especially now that venturing to far away places has come to almost a halt. In 2021, I added three new countries to my list of destinations visited, but I hope to also revisited some of my favorites again soon. #stillatraveler

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