Pura Vida on three very full plates 

There is only so much hotel food, I can eat and since finding an alternative choice on a Monday in Punta Islita was not an option, we ventured out of town. What’s one more dirt road and a couple of streams to cross at this point in our Costa Rican journey along the roads less traveled? Piece of cake indeed (especially since I am not driving!)… The name of the next town over, Corazolito, by itself was already promising, and surprisingly enough, there was even decent signage leading the way to what turned out to be little piece of Costa Rican food heaven. Never mind the “Closed” sign just outside, Paula was welcoming us and “is opening everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner”, as she confirmed.

Don’t come if you are in a hurry, as everything is cooked from scratch in the kitchen of the nearby house/home. And what a great meal we had: Pescado Entero, Arroz con Cameron, and Pulpo al Ajillo. Pura Vida on three very full plates, plus the chance to meet everyone in the extend family, meaning all four-legged friends from Coco the puppy, to Tikki the kitten and last, but not least a very personable pretty bird who still lives in the nearby forests, but loves to hang out on the owner’s shoulder and even made a new friend with little T. – until he started attacking her scrunchy.a perfect place for the whole family – with plenty of ice cold beer in the fridge and even milkshake on the menu for the kids.

Hope you will make it soon to Restaurant A La Leña Yorleni in Corazonita, near Punta Islita, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Would love to hear from you if you do indeed – inspired by my Travelicous post.






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