Nature is speaking – How do we respond?

You may have already seen the video “Nature is speaking” voiced by actress Julia Roberts. I only came across it today, after 10 days in Costa Rica, and 2 hours at the local Farmer’s Market – another way of nature speaking to me. And it sure makes me think, about how do we respond? My contributions of recycling, eating mainly clean and shopping local/organic as much as possible, raising our daughter outside the big city and in small town where there are still more trees than houses, and trying to teach her about preservation and respect are surely small, but hopefully still a step in the right direction. As a traveler for both work and out of passion, I have recently started to look closer at sustainable hotels and Costa Rica seems quite aware of green tourism in order to protect the natural beauty and wildlife. Two perfect examples for there were “El Silencio Lodge & Spa” and “Xandari” and I shall post more about our experience there soon. Here we made lasting and inspiring memories with our family. Would love to hear from other travelers about their favorite green or nature hotels as for future personal travels with the family those will be the ones I am seeking out as I want to hear nature speaking for a long long time…

Here is link to some first impressions from El Silencio Lodge, too – with more to come.

For more information and other beautiful videos, check Nature is Speaking and help spread the word as clearly there is a lot to do to keep our world the great place it is (and restore the damage unfortunately done). Food for thought!

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