Travelicious home away from home: El Mangroove, Costa Rica 

First unedited impressions from Hotel El Mangroove, the happy medium between a busy all-inclusive resorts and the independent smaller hotels. Disney Adventures uses this boutique hotel as the final stop on their Costa Rica tour, so you get 30 people arriving all at once – and a fair share of more Americans, but also local couples and families, plus travelers from nearby Nicaragua, and even as far as France and Germany. We very much enjoyed our stay here, the staff was very friendly and helpful, however not sure I would recommend coming in the high season. One of my favorites was that El Mangroove is located on a public beach, so you do get to experience a bit of the authentic Pura Vida lived by the locals who flock to the water, black sand and shade especially on the weekends with the whole family and sometimes including the dogs.    














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