Comfortable Travel Face Masks that Make You Smile

Comfortable Travel Face Masks that Make You Smile

Face masks are a must-have for every day life, but especially when traveling in 2021. Especially when flying, comfort is important, but so are look. So I decided to have some fun with the travel face mask as it is the new-it-accessory and an important protection tool. In addition to sharing what I believe are the best travel masks for long-haul flights, I am also hoping to make people smile along the way with some of them.

Do remember the first real face mask of 2020 you actually liked? Not the paper masks, not the N-95s. Thanks to a dear friend, Karen Wylie, we were spoiled from the start. She made us (and hundreds, if not thousands others by now) our very first set of double layer cloth mask, hand sown out of beautiful fabric with travel motifs she personally picked for our family. Thank you, Karen!!! The masks accompanied us on our summer flight to Germany and I was often stopped and asked where we got them.

Important disclaimer, I am not a shopper, and once I find a brand I like, I am usually very loyal. Initially, I favored the masks by German luxury shirt brand vanLaack after a friend discovered them at a local Edeka (one of my favorite supermarkets back home). These travel masks are created from high-end shirt materials, and I like the VanLaack face masks for for their feel and practicality. These German face masks quickly became our inner circles’ favorites, liked by kids (there is a smaller size) and adults of all ages alike. Thanks to their high ‘Tragekomfort’, I still prefer them as the most comfortable travel face masks for long-haul flights, and on days when I may not want to make too much of a statement or start a conversation.

To brighten rainy days as well as when venturing afar, I have a new favorite face masks brand. Their face masks with messages make me and other smile big time. I stumbled across the Californian label Sub_Urban Riot at Nordstrom Rack. And by stumbling, I mean that after getting the first set of three because of the fun messages on their mask, I went a mask shopping binge. So while in the past, I collected airline miles and hotel points, I have become a bit of a mask hoarder since I discovered these masks with fun sayings. I do gift them to friends and family as well, but have to admit that I own at least 20 of these masks. They are super comfy, but most importantly, these masks with a message make me and others smile.

Caffeine-centric face masks get the most wear by this coffee lover

My favorites, for obvious reasons, as I am a huge coffee lover, are their caffeine-centric ones, such as my number one mask: “I am sorry for what I said before coffee”.

Flat white coffee and Face Mask
Thankfully the team at my new favorite coffee bar close to home, BOCO Coffee Roasters, knows better than to get into deep conversations before serving me that much needed flat white — especially if it is my first coffee of the day (when Ted’s not home to make it).

As finally wrap up this story, it’s the “Heavily Caffeinated” face mask that made the cut.

Watching the sunrise over the ocean and drinking coffee, is there a better way to start your day? Took mask-selfie on the morning of the launch at my then home away from home, Zoetry Agua Punta Cana.

Spending money on comfortable face masks is worth it!

Comfortable masks are worth the investment. Good ones, that you can wear for hours or on flights, are usually not cheap, so keep an eye out for sales.

Find Sub_Urban Riot Face Masks on Sale or Clearance at Nordstrom Rack + Online

At the time of writing this story, Sub_Urban Riot offered a 20% discount for first time orders if you subscribed to their mailing list. Bringing this back to Nordstrom Rack, where my mask obsession started, I did find a few of my favorite face masks sets on Clearance both in the store and on their app. Here is a direct link — and no, I do not participate in affiliate sales nor included sponsored link! Any product, place or experience I recommend is shared because of a personal connection.

And last, but least, I would love to hear which face masks you favor and why.

P.S. Guess who placed another order for fun face masks while writing this article? Yep, me!

Still curious about the best face masks for traveling? Check out AFAR’s story on the topic of travel face masks. Megan Spurrell also shares her favorites on Condé Nast Traveler.

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      Thanks Jen, I picked out a special one for you, too. And I love following your journeys in California on — hoping to travel together again, soon.

  1. I love all these masks! You’re so right about paying for one that is more comfortable, we have one or two that we just can’t wear bc they cut into our ears. We have been buying fun print ones because it’s more fun! I love the coffee one!!

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