Buena notte: Sweet suite dreams at Nun in Assisi

La dolce vita ad Assisi: Life is beautiful in Assisi, Umbria, Italy – especially at NUN Relais & Spa Hotel. 

Starting with my first visit, in 2015, I enjoyed the best night of sleep in a long time then – in this truly magical place that is unlike any other hotel.

Have I been back since? Assolutamente! (that’s a big fat YES in Italian) Thankfully, it has been too many times, to count — with friends, colleagues, and also with enchanted and amazed travelers as part of an iNSIDE EUROPE’s Epic experience. Understandably, our guests did not want to leave.

I will go into more detail what makes NUN in Assisi so special, aside from the obvious, in another blog entry (with 2020/21 updates). This short story was part of a whirlwind journey through the heart of Italy as part of a travel industry/press trip hosted by VisitUmbria.

Travelicious Sight-Sleeping at NUN

Enjoy these first impressions of my stunning home away from home.
More pictures and short stories of this true sight-sleeping experience can also be found on the Inside Europe Facebook page

NUN Assisi is the perfect example of what I call travelicious!!!

Location, setting, impressive attention to detail, a genuinely caring and smiling team, the tasteful innovative integration of the remains and rich history of this boutique hotel’s location with true five star features wherever you look plus the gourmet osteria EAT OUT as the icing on the cake, this is an experience not to be missed! 

The hotel’s official website is www.nunassisi.com.
I rarely recommend a hotel full hearted, but I have no doubt, that as a reader of traveliciouslife.com you will enjoy your time at NUN!

Make sure to book well in advance, as there are only 18 rooms and suites! 

I instantly relaxed and calmed down, upon arriving in the room.
The color palette along with the serenity of the space whispered: Slow down, breath, enjoy!
View from my window at NUN in Assisi.
You are steps away from the heart of this beautiful UNESCO heritage city — but far enough to not feel like a mere tourist even on the most crowded day.
It’s all about the little touches here. Artisan soap, locally produced and a must-take home.
Plus, the onsite spa at NUN is one-of-a-kind.
View from Osteria Gourmet and into the chef’s herb and vegetable garden.

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