Spaghetti-Eis and how my daughter finally fell in love with traveling, too!

A popular German saying can loosely be translated as “the way to your heart is through food” – and fittingly my love for travel and exploring the world finally got to my little girl through a unique ice-cream dish that is very German (typisch Deutsch) and – as I recently learnt – was even invented just a few miles from where I grew up.

After years of taking this originally very little girl (on her first flight at just about two weeks old, she weighed less than 8 pounds) on trips all over the U.S. and too many European countries to list in this context, all it took was to order her my very own all-time favorite ice-cream dish on a recent journey to Leipzig, Germany and the magic happened: “I love to travel, Mommy!”,she told me.

Now deep inside I still hope that the countless previous journeys and culinary temptations also contributed and realistically maybe it just took her to mature enough to realize that it is okay to miss home for more than just a few days, but from here on forwards, the summer of 2015 in combination with Spaghetti-Eis shall mark the moment in our family history when T. caught the travel bug. 

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