(S)Nailed it! Lunch at Sandra’s in Barcelona

Have you ever come across a restaurant that shares your name? It only happened to me once to date and was a pure and lucky coincidence as we were scouting hotels in the less touristy part of Barcelona for a VIP group.

I usually judge a book by its cover and a restaurant by its menu, or the lack of a multi-lingual translation of standardized dishes and glossy photos of pre-fab convenience food, but have to admit that this little local eatery would almost have fallen through my checklist just because it was empty. Never a good sign in my world, but then when I saw the daily specials hand-written on the blackboard including a┬árice dish with the best from the mountain and the sea, how could I pass. Am very glad, we did go in and have returned many times since. Specializing in Galician food, this breakfast and lunch spot for the locals and nearby workers serves honest home-cooked meals and the service could not be friendlier. The more than affordable House wine was fittingly called “Meus Amores” – what’s not to love. Although the chef declared me completely insane for my efforts of putting the snails in the best possible light for my foodie pictures. Bar Restaurant Sandra is on facebook (with occasional posts), does not have a website to my knowledge and closes in the early afternoon. And there is a lot more on the menu than just the snail dish pictured here, but maybe it this (s)nailed your attention?

Great hotel to stay nearby is Hotel U232 and I shall share photos about my stays there at a later time.

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