Sleeping in a Wine Barrel in Duoro Valley, Portugal

Sleeping in a wine barrel was on my bucket list from the moment I learn about Quinta da Pacheca‘s unique offerings in Lamego, Portugal.

The wine barrel suites are highly instragrammable and we enjoyed exploring all the special touches. As you can imagine, there is only so much space inside even an XXL barrel not matter how well everything is laid out. You are also close(r) to your neighbors which is great when visiting with friends, but can take away from the tranquility one might seek for a countryside stay.

What the pictures don’t tell you

Quinta da Pacheca advertises the experiences as follows: “In an idyllic and romantic setting, Wine Barrels will provide you a unique experience of contact with nature and the monumental reality of the Douro Wine Region. Unique moments of rest await for you in an environment of rurality.”

What you don’t learn nor see in most pictures is how close the barrels are to the main buildings as well as the nearby road. And unfortunately, for our visit, a girlfriend getaway, we weren’t told that there was major construction happening close by. The Vineyard Spa was being built next to the restaurant and hotel.

We ate at the restaurant for breakfast and dinner, however both meals were nothing special and service fell short, especially at night.

Would I return to Quinta da Pacheca?

Some places deserve a second chance. While we weren’t wowed by neither the food nor the service in the restaurant, I would return to Quinta da Pacheca, and probably stay in the wine hotel next time. Sleeping in the wine barrel suites turned out to be a fun experience, and I do recommend a one-night-stay — alone, with a partner or friend. If you plan on bringing kids, I don’t recommend staying in the barrels, but in the main hotel.

Make sure to participate in the visit of the winery and learn about port wine production. The small gift shop on is also worth stopping in. And if you never had Rosé port, make sure to try it here and why not take a few bottles home.

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