Oh boobs where are thou? Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund…

So it’s #MotivationalMonday now for me, no longer #MemoryMonday as that would make #ThrowbackThursday obsolete, right? I do enjoy living in a hashtag kinda world as I always smile when I add them to my posts and it seems like a workout for my brain to come up with just the right word to sum up what stands most out about a post or defines the moment behind the picture. Unbeknownst to my youngun, she paid me a huge compliment that fueled the motivation to stay on track with healthy eating and eventually making it back on the elliptical and to the gym with just one look at my chest this morning: “Good job eating healthy Mom, your boobs are shrinking”, was my greeting today.

Visible results after only two days? What more could I ask for?
Her observation actually has a history which I shall share here so that I remember it in the years to come – and have some funny story to share with her future high school friends: T. was four when I started my first HMMO which thanks to cutting back on eating out, but also working out with my then new coach and now dear friend Natalie, really paid off. The visible changes prompted her curiosity and so my answer to her question then why moms chest was getting smaller was easily given: “because I am working out!”. She nodded in agreement and we thought that was the end of it. Until months later, another friend whose baby was about a year then, came to visit and Thea looked at her, smiled and then said: “Miss A., you must be working out a lot.” Thea walked off and left a puzzled visitor who had not been to the gym in forever, but was also no longer nursing. Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund, another one of my favorite German sayings, refers to kids speaking the truth, and as long as my baby has something nice to say, I can’t wait to hear more!!!

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