Healthy home-made eats: Looking good and tasting great! 

Here’s a look at what came out of my kitchen this week. Just have fun with your veggies as healthy food doesn’t have to be bland and boring. 

I don’t follow recipes nor do I take notes while I cook. My goal is always to let the actual ingredients shine and roasting, grilling (preferably on the Big Green Egg) really enhances the flavor. Since I am an avid traveler, I shop for special ingredients wherever I go that I can take home to relive the culinary experiences: one of the easiest ways to do that it with a great olive oil or a spice that is unique to a particular region. And a splash of citrus can be that magical finishing touch, think not just lemon or lime, but also grapefruit, orange or tangerine. Don’t overseason either. Lately I have cut back a lot on salt, but always add fresh pepper and some spice, too. Some like it hot and I surely do! Bon Appetit. 

More posts about my travelicious healthy eats will follow in mid-August as it is about time for summer vacation to start. Costa Rica here we come! 



    • Hello Samantha, you either love gallo pinto or you don’t, right? I had a great one today on a coffee plantation near Paos. Can’t keep up with the blog as I am having too much fun, but sharing my favorites on Instagram. About to post about CR foods. The key is to jazz it up which the local spots favorite “salsa picante”, got some fantastic pickles this morning!

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