Starbucks Frappula Frappucino: So sweet, Dracula would fall into a sugar coma.

Halloween 2015 may be over, but this Starbucks Frappucino will stay on your hips for at least a week! 

Coming from Germany, Halloween in the US takes some getting used to – even after many years.
New to me in 2015 was the Starbucks Frappula Frappucino – a drink so sweet, Dracula would fall into a sugar coma after sucking the respective consumer’s blood.
As a SB regular, I wanted to try the novelty, but since I don’t like frappucinos nor can I afford all the calories that come with this frozen drink, I asked my barista for a hot version with just a half pump of white mocha and raspberry.

The result still looked a little bit like the real thing and was quite tasty. Let me know if you tried the Frappula, would have loved to just taste it! 

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