Gluttony-Me goes Gluten-Free – HMMO Day I 

Since the only access fat I ever considered sexy was Ferran Adrià’s  slow-roasted then grilled double chin of the Iberian pig, it is about time to start the next round of what I call the Hot-Momma-Make-Over (HMMO) again and why not try start out with a 7 day gluten-free challenge in addition to not eating out.

Oh it has been a great year, actually probably even more than a year that I have been giving in to overindulging just a bit too much (many posts to follow sharing the culinary feasts across three continents). Giving in to temptation is much easier than resisting the great breads of Europe, cheeses of Austria, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland, the pastas and rice dishes pretty much anywhere I went and my love for bubbles wether they come as Cava, Cremant, Franciacorta and Sekt or Cider, along with some great wine and the occasional wheat beer, it all adds up – especially on my hips!

Bye bye favorite pita chips

As my wonderful friend Coach Natalie once pointed out, my home-cooking is already pretty much clean and healthy (if I consciously cut the heavy cream and cheeses), so let’s see if that kick-starts the beginning of another round of the newest version of Me! I’ll document some of my meals (the good-looking ones), but won’t provide recipes as writing it all down is just not me.

And those of you who just discovered my blog, don’t run away/unfollow right away as from my experience the best way for me to eat less is to indeed cook myself and also relive those special culinary moments that I enjoyed on past journeys and long to indulge in again soon too! Since I bid farewell to bread today, I will share my favorite gluten-rich dishes in another photo essay later and even give away an all-time favorite must-eat at ristorante that is too far even for the Rick Steve’s crowd to reach, but well worth the small detour.

Check out The Chick Who Eats for great gluten-free recipes and gorgeous photos of the foods she makes at home or gets to eat during her travels.

p.s. By the time this post went live, I already broke the most difficult self-imposed rule of not eating out, but then who could resist a bowl of steaming hot Vietnamese Pho, which is after all gluten-free, right?

Great read on Cosmopolitan “God I miss Bread“, too! Let’s see how it all works out. If you have any advice or experiences to share, I would love to hear from you.

p.s.2: You gotta love, one of my first followers is and their story of “Beers you should not drink” was eye-opening in many ways. No kidding that Budweiser and PBR are on their shit list for containing GMO and GMO corn syrop, some of the others tho surprised me. Guess personally it is time to bid farewell to Corona Light as my favorite flavored sparkling water (remember, I am German and when I was in college here in the US, a six-pack of Corona Light was significantly cheaper than the same amount of Perrier or Pellegrino…) Good news tho on my favorite German Wheat Beers, such as Franziskaner, Weihenstephaner etc… but now this post is making me thirsty. How about a nice Grapefruit-Schorle? (One of Germany’s favorite non-alcoholic beverage is Apfelschorle, but the lighter version that I prefer is a mix of white grapefruit juice with lots of very sparkling water.) The big question of the day tho is should I pour out those remaining Corona Lights in our beer fridge?


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